Yesterday concluded the three-day art show at Tualatin’s ArtSplash. It was such an interesting show. Due to the nature of smaller shows you are more likely to meet your neighbors and get to know not only about their art and products, but also about them as people. That is probably the thing I enjoyed most about this show:  getting to expand my network of artists.

Years ago when I chose to leave my art behind, albeit temporarily, but I effectively shut down the opportunity for creating a circle or network of people that shared the exact artistic interests and experiences. Don’t get me wrong, I love my group of friends more than anything else, but not really having any one to share the more creative side from the perspective of one also being an artist was something I always felt was missing. This show provided me the chance to really socialize with other artists and engage socially in a way that I haven’t really done in a long time; creator to creator.

I got to know several local artists in varying mediums from jewelry to oils. Although the rain kept the larger crowds away in the later days of the show, we as participants we then granted the opportunity to chit chat and get to know one another. *I’ll make sure to link and list those (that I know of) that I met at the end of this post.

Day one was great! Set up was a breeze and there was excitement in the air. We had a great band and singer perform that night and as the show went on we got to rock out from our booths. Haha. Yes, we actually did dance and sing right along with the crowd, and after the show ended they came back in to the tent and spent the remained of the show talking, shopping, and having an all around good time.

The second day kicked off with dark clouds and rain… not a great way to start day two, haha, to say the least. Time seemed to kind of drag on as the rain came down. People tended to stay indoors for most of the day but even still the crowd would ebb and flow. By about 4 o’clock though it was apparent that we, the staff and participants, were the only ones really there. So what did we do? We made the best of it! A group of us opened a bottle of wine (or two), laughed, and shared stories from our adventures and family life. We had a blast. Yes, selling out every piece in stock would have been FANTASTIC, but I have to say, that evening was so much fun. I even ended up giving some serious marketing advice in the form of Instagram tutorials. I love talking about that stuff; it makes me feel useful, lol.

The third day started out great. After Saturday’s less then desired crowd activity, the artists (at least in my group) returned with renewed energy and positive attitudes. We weren’t even officially open yet and a few of us had some sales! It was a great start. The weather was cooperating and the show had invited chalk artists to come out and bring the sidewalks to life! There was even a gigantic kid’s art section, which was filled with so many creative and colorful chalk drawings from the visiting kids! I ended up having my most successful day on Sunday. The large canvas print I had done of Smith Rock sold at the end of the day and I had a woman who wants to talk about a large order for her office. It felt great to hear how much people enjoyed and wanted my work.

I have to give major kudos to Heidi and her team for organizing and coordinating such a well put together show. They provided us participants with marketing materials, set up materials, extra art racks, quality 24-hour security, and a wonderfully clean environment to showcase our work. So Heidi, if you by chance are reading this, thank you again for all of your hard work and to your phenomenal volunteers. Thank you!

I am taking the feedback from this show and moving forward with some other ideas I have to make future shows even better.

Thank you again to all those who made this show so enjoyable.  Be sure to click through some of the pictures below and to check out each of the artists listed below.

Here’s to future successes for us all!