I'm alive but i'm barely breathing...

I have spent the last two weeks being sicker than a dog. This cold has been absolutely brutal. At one point it felt like the time I had pneumonia and at other times it felt like the cold was turning into laryngitis. It has been a dismal two weeks which is why I haven't been posting to any of my social media accounts. I apologize for the lack of my hideous mug. :P 

I do however have a few announcements that I want to share with you all and they are as follows.


I am launching a new YouTube video series on my channel! This special series of videos is called "Moments." I am beyond excited for this because I have wanted to focus on shooting more high quality short videos/short films but I hadn't quite figured out all the vibe until recently. Whilst brainstorming future ideas for my YouTube channel (click here to subscribe :P) I wanted to come up with a word or title that could fit multiple genres/styles/music/topics, etc. The title of "Moments" fit that perfectly. Moments will be a series of videos that focus on sharing important times in my life and will encompass times that may be big moments or they may be small. The videos will be a way to showcase my perspective on the world around me, both how I'm personally affected and/or how those around me are affected. I want to be able to capture the essence and feeling in a unique way.  To try to give you a clearer understanding check out the first episode I released here (or down below). I am beyond excited to see how these projects will evolve and grow. 

Moments - Episode 1: "Connection" 

This episode relates to the concept of connections. For the performer this is the first concert from her US tour after a multi-year legal battle with her formal label to gain her independence and be able to sell and produce her music. This concert highlight that she still maintains a strong bond with her fans and that they are ready and willing to support her on her next adventure. 

On a personal level this will be the last event/concert I get to see with my little brother before he moves to his new home and I take on the next adventure. JoJo happens to be one of his favorite artists and getting him tickets for us to go see her was a way to have a last hurrah, so to speak. It was an AMAZING concert and spending time with my brother will always be one of my favorite things to do. 



JoJo's manager even tweeted about his review of the concert on his YouTube channel, which alone is exciting enough, but then JoJo herself posted the video to her Facebook page (seen above) to share with her hundreds of thousands of loyal fans! Needless to say Jon was THROUGH THE ROOF with excitement! 

I have one more very exciting announcement that I want to share with you all, but I think it may deserve it's own blog post when everything is 100% official, so keep an eye out for that.... but if you'd like a sneak peak you can watch the video below.

Much love to you all, and thank you for your continued support!