5 Essentials For Adventures - Not Including My Camera Gear

I get this question quite a lot more than I expect, usually cause most people who follow my work like to talk about camera gear, but I think it would make a great blog post! I often get asked “other than your camera gear, what are your essentials for your adventures/photo missions?” Well, let's answer that question!

First thing I always grab for longer adventures is my duffle bag. This one is by Fossil and even though it's no longer made (I think), it's still one of my favorites. This bag has seen its fair share of spills, falls, and muddy surfaces. I've spilt whole bottles of shampoo inside and it still looks brand new. Oh, and as an aside, cleaning shampoo from the inside of a bag is among the most tedious of tasks and I never want to do it again. The bag can hold pants, shirts, essentials, boots, and still have room for a blanket, jacket... or the occasional extra camera part. If it can take a beating and come back swinging then it gets high marks in my book.


Brand: Fossil   Cost: $125(+/-)  Favorite Part: Durability   

Second essential: Boots. I have never been a sneaker guy. I honestly see no point in owning shoes you can't wear and get dirty in – well other than a nice dress shoe. That's why I LOVE boots. I've had family and business associates work for shoe companies before and when they ask if I'd like to score a free pair I ALWAYS ask about boots. This particular pair is by Aston Grey and honestly they're my favorite pair of boots I have EVER owned. Are they waterproof? No. Are they made for hiking? No. Are they the most comfortable thing ever? YES. I cannot stress enough how comfortable these things are. I have literally worn these to bed. They may not have started out as adventure boots, but I have damn-well turned them into adventure boots. Haha.

They can be dressed up or dressed down depending on what I need. Plus they match the whole “adventure aesthetic.” Perfect. 10/10 would recommend.

Brand: Aston Grey (Rockcastle 2)   Cost: $125(+/-)  Favorite Part: Feel sexy on my feet!  



Third essential: Journal. No, not a “dear diary” kinda journal. This one's meant to take anything you can throw at it. I use this to write down ideas for my photos, YouTube channel, books, etc. I also sketch and add mental notes. Sometimes the only power I have is the power in my camera batteries so I need something that I can keep all my notes in. I have several of these, some of them are actual journals and some are sketchbooks filled to the brim. Each of them are different and each of them special. I typically stick with leather bound books since they age and wear so well, but this one is a hard red cover and so far it's easy to keep clean and the pages and durable and strong. Not bad for 15 bucks.

Pick one up at a local bookstore or on Amazon.

Fourth essential: A watch. This one is also by Fossil. Can you tell I am a little bit biased to this aesthetic? Haha. It's not actually a waterproof watch but it has definitely seen it's fair share of water. (OOPS!) One of the sexiest accessories for us dudes, in my opinion, is a good watch. For some guys it's a suit, for some it's crisp shirts, for me I like watches (and boots!) Do any of you also wear you watch on the “wrong” wrist? I am right handed and I wear my watches on the right hand. I don't know of a lot of people who do that... Sure a watch can tell you what time it is, but a good watch makes a good impression by letting people know as you shake their hand what kind of personality you have. I like my watches with leather or wood bands, and my face and accent colors in gold, silver, brown, black, or white. I don't like anything too flashy so if there are any jewels the overall design needs to be very sleek and clean.

Brand: Fossil   Cost: Under $100  Favorite Part: Face design 

My Fifth and final essential is a lucky charm. A $2 bill. I got this bill when I was in elementary school. I've had this in my wallet since the day I got it. It's been through the wash, the mud, breakups, adventures, and still managed to still look like actual currency. Even when I desperately needed money, and there have been times, I keep this bill as an off limits lucky charm. I honestly cannot remember why this bill was so important to me. Maybe it's the styling, maybe because it's uncommon, or maybe it was just something unique and different, but either way it's always with me.

So that's it. These were the 5 non-camera gear related essentials that I take with me on my adventures. Be sure to let me know what your adventure essentials are!

Until next time, cheers.



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