The Art of Control

It should be common knowledge by know that I am type A personality. Although it’s not as bad now as it used to be, but it’s definitely still me. In an effort to train myself to be less obsessive, not only in my own life but also my artistic abilities, I have made the decision to practice using difficult (for me) techniques to express my inspirations through a more free of hand artistic style.

I get so focused on the details when it comes to painting. That's part of the reason why I got in to photography. It was easier to capture what I wanted the way I wanted it. I have been (and still am to a degree) frustrated that I wasn't able to depict my ideas in paint with the realistic results. Realism used to be the only style of painting that I wanted to be good at when I was in school, and I would beat myself up every time I couldn't achieve it. However, at this point in my career my priorities have changed and I don't feel as out of control personally the way I used to. I believe because I finally took charge of my life and chose to pursue my interest’s full time the need for such control over the detail in my work is no longer necessary. The desire for realism was a manifestation of the psychology behind my depression; I was out of control emotionally and needed to have control over something all the way down to the details. It’s made me unfortunately neurotic but I am trying my best to reverse it.

I have always admired those who can capture their ideas through abstract representation and impressionistic paintings. These two techniques are the most desirable for me to learn. I have never felt comfortable “letting go” of the obsessive tendencies that have prevented me from practicing these styles more often. However, in an effort to push myself beyond my current artistic capabilities, I have decided to start a painting series focused on abstract and impressionistic styles. I feel that the more I am to capture expression through lack of realistic details the more I will be able to develop my understanding of the relationship between color and stroke which in turn will help me to depict realistic detail.

©Stephen Miller 2015

©Stephen Miller 2015

First up in the series of abstract paintings is one I call “Heaven’s Rain.” I’ve been really inspired by light lately and this painting was my abstract representation of what happens to light when it refracts and splits into a spectrum. Color has metaphysical aspects to it. I am not a religious man, but if I were, color is probably one of the closest things to godliness I could find. Now I don’t want to go into a philosophical discussion about color and metaphysics (okay I do but I won’t), but if you have time do some research in to the philosophical and psychological discussions behind color theory it makes for an interesting read.

Okay, getting waaaaaay off topic. Sorry, my degree is in philosophy so when ever I get the chance to talk in that format I just kind of…word vomit. :P 

I’ll end with this: With enough practice and patience anything is possible – well not willing away your student debt – but you get what I mean.

Down below there are also some other pics you should check out. Including a look inside my current studio (aka the spare room :P )