Open Exhibition and the Start of the Show Season

Yesterday evening marked the beginning of a three month-long exhibition at the Sherwood Center for the Arts in Sherwood, Oregon. I am very excited because three of my pieces are apart of the exhibition entitled, “Spirit of the Northwest.” Seven artists were chosen to represent this theme through each of their respected mediums. I was the only photographer selected to be a part of the show. Made me feel a little special, needless to say!

I was joined by my brother, Jon, and my fellow artist and friend, Meg, at the opening reception last night. I have to be honest and admit that I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect; would people like my art, would they like me? Within the first five minutes of being there I was at ease. Two of my pieces hung proudly in the entrance to the center amongst the other artists' and the third was apart of the line up to hang in the adjacent hallway.

There was a lot of talent on the walls last night and I am honored to be among them. After viewing all of the pieces I have to say that I had a clear favorite. “Baker Road Beauty” by Victoria Poarch was a beautiful watercolor on paper. Watercolors have always my most favorite medium so I was naturally drawn to her piece.

Overall there was a really great turnout; small and casual which is easier to manage when getting to know a new art community. There were about 30-35 people there over the course of two hours and all had really positive things to say about our works. I met Amy Osborne, a painter, who also curates the RoseSprings Gallery in Hillsboro and might I say is a PRO at networking, hahaha. I really enjoyed her an her work. Amy, if you're reading this, thank you again for all the support! Let's talk again soon!

Click below to see some of the photos from last night!

Hope you all can get over there to check it out! Well I am off to get things ready for the C3 Bend Summer Festival here in Bend, Oregon! Looking forward to seeing some of you there tomorrow and Sunday!