Favorite Shots Episode 2

Happy Monday, everyone.

Well those are two words that I rarely get put together, haha. I spent most of last week up in Seattle, Washington and most of the surrounding area. Unfortunately this wasn't a camping and hiking adventure, though I am planning a few of those even as I type this, but it was still great to get out of Oregon and head back up north. 

The purpose of this trip was all about relaxation. As some of you other small business owners know, when you are self-employed you don't stop working; 6 am to 12pm day in and day out I am editing images, film, websites, etc, and it's been a long time since I took a restful work-cation. Although my time in Seattle was just a quick overnight stay, it really relaxed the mind and my creative spirit. The city was essentially empty and the sky was the clearest I have seen since summer ended. It was really hard to leave.

The same day I returned to Portland I decided to drive out to Mt. Hood since the skies here were also clear as a bell and the mountain was freshly covered from a recent dumping of snow. The roads down to Trillium Lake were dusted in snow that was quickly becoming pressed into a layer of ice. Although my SUV was able to traverse the steep hill and an ice, others were not so fortunate. There were a few sedans and coupes lining the sides, and at one point the center, of the road and people were working together to get them unstuck. Even with the delays, and the total driving time for that day coming to 9.5 hours, it was still enjoyable and the trip to the mountain was worth the view. I love when winter starts and the snow begins to fall. 

Be sure to check the gallery below to see some of my favorite shots from this past week. 

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