YouTube is the world's largest video platform making it the perfect place to share my favorite video work. On my YouTube channel you'll be able to follow along with me on my adventures to photograph the best spots, get feedback on gear I love, and enjoy the short films I produce. Combined with my Instagram gallery you'll be able to get to know me and see how my photos come to fruition. My channel is one of the best places for my community to interact with me so make sure to go subscribe! 



Jonathan Miller is an electronic pop artist from the pacific northwest with a fanbase that reaches across the globe from Japan to Brazil. For Jonathan's fifth studio album, "5," we partnered together to create a visual concept for his album and lead single, "War With Love." For this project I photographed his album and single covers; directed, filmed and produced his music video; and created marketing materials for his advertising campaign and social media. Jonathan has also produced music for my YouTube channel which can be heard in several of my videos.