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Along the coastlines and mountaintops of the Pacific Northwest, photographer, filmmaker, and explorer Stephen Miller can be found capturing every single moment. Often described as “a talent Discovery and Travel Channel have yet to hire,” (seriously, call me) Stephen Miller is turning heads across the world by defining the all-encompassing word, “ART.” 

After beginning as a painter and being stifled at a “boring desk job,” Miller threw caution to the wind and delve into the realm of photography and film. Since then, he’s been steadily gaining hundreds of new followers around the world on Instagram and producing captivating and award-winning images like “The American", ”Cabin in the Woods,” and “Lioness." Inspired by his surroundings he also produced his first successful clothing line, “My Pacific Northwest.”


Continuing on as , Miller continues to grow a successful YouTube channel receiving thousands of views and a copious amount of dedicated subscribers. Producing multiple vlogs, mini films and music videos (“A Real Good Day,” “War With Love” (2016)), he is consistently on the rise.

Stephen Miller continues to push  himself in photography and film with each passing moment. Being a dedicated dog-parent to his husky, Koda, he achieves all of his success with her by his side (that and a good bottle of tequila). He hopes to release a book one day about all of his adventures around the globe. Until then, he is planning on furthering his explorations in his own backyard and inspiring others to “be smart, be strong, and be fearless.”

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As we say on my channel,

Be Smart. Be Strong. Be Fearless.


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