BETTER ON PAPER Productions! 

I am proud to announce the formation of my new company Better On Paper Productions. As a creative person it can be difficult to bring together all of the different kinds of projects you're working into one cohesive brand. I am best known for my photography work but I wanted a way to be able to share all of my works with you all through one cohesive presentation. Better On Paper Productions will be the umbrella the covers it all. My photography (Stephen Miller Art), my podcast (How To Human), my apparel lines (My Pacific Northwest), and all future projects will live under one roof while still retaining their individuality. 

So what changes? Not much actually. My Facebook page will still be Stephen Miller Art, my YouTube channel will still be, and so on. Think of Better On Paper Productions like a Christmas tree and all my projects and creations hang like ornaments from it's branches. 


Why the name Better On Paper? I wanted to acknowledge part of an artist's journey that goes uncelebrated. Those ideas we leave behind in favor of more successful ones. For it is failure that gives way to success. Some projects take wings and fly and some never are never seen through to completion. Some ideas are better on paper and some ideas soar. Here's to the stones upon which we step on our journey to success.